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Private Lessons

Consistent Private Lessons

This option is for students wanting to be trained on a regular basis. They can come weekly or biweekly and it comes with a free showcase at the end of their semester. This is a 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson.

Zoom Lessons

All lessons can be transferred to zoom! just reach out!

Audition Prep

This is for students preparing for an audition. We will focus on preparing them with their music and callback material if it applies. This is a 60 minute lesson

College Prep

This is for students preparing for their college auditions. We will work on songs, monologues, and pre screens required from each school. This is a 60 minute lesson

Audition Package

This is a one time lesson and provides your students with the material supplies needed for audition. they will leave with a new binder, resume and confidence. This is a 60 minute lesson.

Group Lessons

This is for younger students who want to be introduced to lessons. This is great for friends and siblings and is a 60 minute lesson.


For questions please reach out! To book lessons please go to the booking page.

Thanks for submitting!

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